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Please enter your blog address in the textbox and press 'Generate Sitemap' button.


Note:- Please enter your complete blog address (example: http://abc.blogspot.com). Never forget to use http://. And avoid using country extenstions such as .co.in, com.au etc.

What is Basic Sitemap?

Basic sitemap is a small web application to generate xml sitemap for blogs. It can generate sitemap for Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress blogs. This generated sitemap can be used to configure webmaster tools. That means it can be used to inform search engines about your content and recent post. Search engines uses this information for indexing.

How does it works?

Its working is very simple. You need only to enter your blog's complete address including http:// prefix in the textbox. Then press 'Generate Sitemap' button seen below the textbox. Then the application will automatically find your sitemap and display the address to xml sitemap below the button.

How to submit sitemap to search engine?

You need only to copy and paste the sitemap address generated by the application. The sitemap generated is compatible with all popular webmaster tools and search engines such as Google, Bing etc. To know more about submitting sitemap to search engine or webmaster, watch the video attached below:


If you are interested, you can attach a mobileviews widget to your website and blog. For that you need only to copy and paste the embed code given below at desired location in the portal.

Submitting Xml Sitemap for Blogger Blog Using Basic Sitemap Generator.

Submitting Xml Sitemap for Wordpress Blog Using Basic Sitemap Generator.

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