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What is MobileViews?

As you know, blogger blogs have mobile and desktop version. You can see only the desktop version from your Laptop or home/office PCs. To see mobile version you need to visit blog from a cellphone. MobileViews is a web application that lets you see blog as in mobile phone from your PC.

How to use MobileViews?

  1. First you need to enter blog address in the yellow colored address bar.
  2. Note: You need to enter the complete URL, for example http://abc.blgspot.com. Don't forget to include prefix http:// and avoid using country extensions such as co.in, co.au etc.

  3. Next you need to press green button 'Go', placed adjacent to address bar. Then you can see the mobile version of your blog in the screen above the address bar.

For more details see video attached below.


If it is the first time you are using mobileviews, please watch this demonstration. It will help you get started.
Comming soon...

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